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Forum:  Business Owners – Finance Forum


  • 3 business owners
  • 3 CPAs
  • 3 Bankers
  • 3 Bookkeepers

The purpose of the forum is to facilitate open communication and increase the understanding of the concerns and issues that arise in the business relationship between participants.

Needs and Frustrations regarding financial matters and financial professionals
Growth and/or stabilization plans for the next 12-18 months

Process for working with clients
A few key areas where they see breakdowns with clients in financial matters

Funding requirements, information request
How to build powerful banking relationships with a bank

A few key areas where they see breakdowns with clients in financial matters
Their role in the game

Two facilitated rounds of speaking and Q&A
Close and offer to provide transcripts of all future forums (4 per year)

The invitation and Offer  


  1. Why does your CPA not call you?
  2. When is the best time to do tax planning?
  3. What information does your banker need to provide your line of credit?
  4. How can you have faster access to your cash?

This forum is a place to ask tough questions to a finance team of CPAs, bankers, and bookkeepers because they are keys to your business survival – acquisition – growth.  This is a forum where you will get straight responses on one of the toughest areas to manage in business.


  1. Do you want loyal customers?
  2. What produces satisfaction for your customers beyond price?
  3. What additional services do your customers need to feel “cared for”?
  4. How do you produce a competitive advantage beyond other small banks trying to get small businesses?

San Diego is a competitive marketplace for small banks.  Small businesses need a different offer beyond traditional banking – some of their needs are small modifications to your existing services.  Are you ready to listen to your customers request and feedback?


  1. Do your customers want to talk to you more often?
  2. Are they often confused by your direction and time table?
  3. Do your customers understand what you need from them?
  4. How would your customers rate you on keeping them informed?

CPA’s hold a lot of power and often respect when they treat customers well, and take care of their tax concerns.  Do your customers know that you offer more than just tax preparations?  Do your customers know that it is better to talk with you more often than 1x a year?


  1. What are your customers expecting from you?
  2. Are there other offers you could make that would increase your value?
  3. Do your customers understand their numbers?


The challenge for many bookkeepers is their customers don’t understand their finances.  Thus they often can’t appreciate what it takes for you to produce accurate information they can use for decision making.  Come teach them how to provide more effective information to improve the financial statements you prepare for them.

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